I'm mark ehlen.

I learn stuff at UNLV.
I work at Starbucks.

I still live
with mom n dad.

I’m straight, single, but not ready for her yet. Whoever she is.

I never want to stop learning; stagnation, mediocrity, and complacency are among my foremost problems and deepest fears.

I'm currently looking to make a band to jam, collaborate, and eventually gig with.




whenever I flip back
to your two years
on my side of
the world
I always paint you with
the same cruel shades
I write out your name
like I knew who you were

but one day I stopped by
and removed your frame
went and hung you bare
on my wall
they aren’t here 
to name you trash
they’re gone
you’re gone too fast

I tell myself
as if
I pretend that we held hands
I can see your smile
cause I finally found my eyes
as if
I could go meet you again
begging life to give me these chances twice

'this thick skull' lyric

maybe I don’t understand you after all these nights

even this thick skull can’t explain away the tears in your eyes
now you don’t even know me, and after all those things I said
even your ardent heart couldn’t hold on by itself. 
but I like to believe in love
I try to believe in love
I wanna believe in love
with you

maybe strong hands and words should keep away from a precious glass
maybe even songs of sorry can’t build it back
maybe I don’t deserve you. I know my words can’t fool those eyes
even this thick skull ties to stop believing lies. and I shouldn’t try
but I like to believe in love
I try to believe in love
I wanna believe in love
with you


  • live and work somewhere in Asia
  • live in an original artistic house somewhere out in Brazil
  • live and work in New York or Chicago
  • experience deserts and savannas in Africa
  • visit New Zealand and Australia
  • camp out on an uninhabited island with some friends
  • meet a girl in France
  • meet a girl in Britain
  • release an album I’m completely happy with
  • play a live show of my music to a crowd of 300 people
  • play the shit out of a guitar solo. live.
  • make love to a fan of my music who I don’t know
  • mine ore with a pickaxe
  • make a hand axe from scratch in the wilderness
  • get to masters league in starcraft 2
  • learn and understand more calculus
  • learn and understand more engineering
  • learn and understand more physics
  • learn and understand more programming
  • become an incredible painter
  • work on campus for Apple computers and/or Blizzard gaming
  • travel the world doing photography for Nation Geographic
  • be part of something as amazing as the Lotr trilogy
  • build my financial assets to exceed my costs
  • install an industrial espresso machine in my home
  • get in good enough shape to swim shirtless unashamed
  • run and finish a half-marathon race

if I sail away - working lyric

you can’t smell your house till you’ve been gone for weeks

you can’t smell your own breath till it reeks

cause you know what you know but you don’t know you know it 

till you know what you don’t know too


I’m bringing a map just incase I get lost

but I’m bringing some blanks just incase I re-draw


its my only hope

its my escape


(if) I sail away from this land

I’ll come back one day

then I can understand


(why) Earth seems so flat when your looking from home

I sailed away

I gotta know

a song I’ve been working on for a while. luckily, I already have music for this too.
hopefully I can jam it with this side project I’m getting together soon.
purples and blues ep album concept art (Taken with instagram)

purples and blues ep album concept art (Taken with instagram)


some more musics :)

'new wave'

its a demo for my pop rock group ‘Take Me Anywhere’
wrote it months ago, finally recorded it to show to them so they can approve it and start learning it.
hope they like it enough to pick it up. 
hope we get good enough to get to play it for people.
New_Wave.m4a Listen on Posterous
'nicer shirt'
its a demo for myself, mark ehlen.
wrote it tonight, recorded it to remind myself of how it goes next time I read over the lyrics.
hope I like it enough to transform it into a whole song
hope I get good enough to get to play it for people.
nicer_shirt.aif Listen on Posterous

'this isn't music'


I’m not saying that I think everything is music. I’m not saying that I think music is completely indescribable or unclassifiable. 

but think about it. there’s so much variety in any music. I know that I can’t definitively describe what I consider to not be musical.

every time I hear somebody claim ‘this isn’t music, my mind would like to superimpose over it a different phrase:

"I lack the perspective to understand the music in this”

and this becomes an even more powerful thought when you replace music with other words.

such as art.






so i think i’ve finally figured life out..

"if it isn’t special, don’t do it."

-note to self


Potential pop rock project?

Alright guys I’ve finally gotten together with a few more musicians, and i think this one group might really pick up and get some material out soon.

With this project/band it’s gonna be all about the pop rock. So panic at the disco, paramore, fall out boy. I guess you could say we’re going for a mainstream ‘fueled by ramen’ sound.

We all got together once last week to try each other all out acoustically. We decided to record some video of it for reference, but I just now remembered to post them here for you. I think for a first get together, it’s pretty decent. If we’re gonna do any real little acoustic sets though, we should probably get better percussion gear for it. Maybe I’ll borrow my brothers cajon?

Here’s the videos